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How to repair global_priv mysql?


If you have this problem, phpMyAdmin will be throwing a lot of errors at the bottom of the screen. It will also be showing popup errors asking if you want to Ignore them or Ignore All of them. Ignoring them won’t solve the problem, as phpMyAdmin will repeatedly continue to nag you to ignore them.

When you run into this in phpMyAdmin, click on any SQL tab & run this command:

repair table mysql.global_priv; 

It will then tell you that the status is OK.

Don’t use single quotes around ‘global_priv’ as MySQL will complain about that.

If you only run this command before running the repair table command, then it will show the errors which are in the table… but it won’t fix them for you:

check table mysql.global_priv; 

If you re-run the check table global_priv command after the repair table command, then it will say that the table status is OK.

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