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Looking for a Web Designer? 6 Questions you must ask

Looking for an appropriate designer for your website can be quite an exhausting task. While the designers use technical terms to lure you in and show off how competent they are, you should not be fooled easily. When hiring designers for your website, ensure that you ask them the essential questions. Based on the following questions, you will be able to narrow down your choices easily:

1. How long have you had experience in this industry?

If the designer is fairly new, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It can help you ensure that your website follows the latest trends. However, industry experience is invaluable. When looking at designers for your website, it is better to look at those who have had at least five years of experience in the field.

2. Could you show me a few samples of your work?

A reputable designer or company will be eager to show you the previous work. Additionally, they may also provide you with testimonials from previous clients to assure you that they are fit for the job. In case they are hesitant to offer you any of their previous work, then it may be time for you to move on to the next designer.

3. What kind of results did your previous clients experience?

This is a crucial question. When you are designing your website, you want to be assured that you will be able to meet your targets. While the content of your website, including how well it is optimized for search engines is crucial for converting leads, the website design also contributes to it. When asking for results, designers should be able to provide you with concrete data on how their design has helped improve the results for other companies.

4. How closely are you willing to work with the company on the project?

Ensure that you listen carefully to the answer to this question. To ensure that your brand can deliver the message that you want, the designer should be willing to work closely with your brand.

5. How many revisions are you willing to make?

A reputable designer should be willing to make as many revisions as you want until you are happy with the final product. They should not set a limit to the number of revisions, nor should they charge you for it.

6. Is your web design integrated with SEO?

For any brand, SEO is crucial. Unless you have a separate team for your SEO requirements, your designer must have a SEO plan for you. If they do not have SEO integrated with their web designs, you should look at those designers who can also offer you SEO services.

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4 UX Design Trends worth Considering for 2019

As technology develops, UX Designers need to adapt to it. Hence, they need to keep tabs on the latest and popular trends. In 2019, several trends have gained momentum; let us take a look at a few of them:


UX is no longer a bonus feature. Seamless UX is expected by any visitor who happens to visit your website. Any page that takes time to load, or does not have an excellent user interface, will see higher bounce rates. Hence, brands must work with UX designers to ensure uninterrupted experience. Storytelling has become quite popular. UX Designers are collaborating with the brand to develop UX processes.

Voice Technology

2019 is the year for voice technology. So far, it has shown a growth rate of 63%. With more and more people using voice-based home devices such as Google Home and Alexa, and the rampant use of voice search with smartphones, UX designers, will soon need to branch out to VUI

UX Writing

To establish a voice for your brand online, you will need a UX Writer on your design. UX writers are different from typical marketing copywriters; their task is to write a micro copy that is compelling and engaging. From the menu to the CTA line, a UX writer takes care of everything. They are an integral part of the design team and take note from brands such as Facebook, Amazon and Google; more companies are following suit.

Motion Design

With the help of motion design, you can breathe life into your website. By using animations and jumping logos at the right place and at the right time, you can ensure that your users remain engaged with the site. Marketing Sweets is dedicated to helping clients understand more about online presence. Timber tv unit

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