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Convert Case Text Generator Tool

Simplify your content writing process by using the handy online tool. Enter your content below and convert the text format based on your need.

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Why is a case converter needed?

Sometimes, we make mistakes while editing a document. It consumes our valuable time. So we need some tools to rectify this. Here, the case converter is an online text tool. It is easy to handle. It converts letters like uppercase to lowercase, where we can change capitalize, uncapitalize, alternating case, etc.

Case converter options

Follow the below options to get a better experience.

Lower case:

You want to convert your text into lowercase or uncapitalize. It is a simple tool to handle your texts. Copy your text and paste it into the above text dialogue box, then press the lowercase button below the text box. It converts and shows the transformed text to the same dialogue box. You can copy your transformed text.

Upper case:

The upper case tool converts every lowercase letter to uppercase letters. Put your text into the text area box and press the uppercase button. It converts your text into uppercase format in that same text dialogue box.

Sentence case:

The sentence case tool will transform any text format into a fully formed structured sentence. It can capitalize every first letter of a sentence after the full stop and convert the remaining letters into lowercase letters. It won’t capitalize any names or places specifically. 

Copy your text, paste it into the text box, then press the sentence case button below. It will convert text sentence case formatted text into that box.

Capitalized case:

The capitalized case tool will convert every first letter of each word of a sentence into a capital letter automatically. The remaining letters will converted into lowercase letters. 

If you want to convert your text to a capitalized case, copy your content, paste it into the text box and press the capitalize case button. It will convert your text into the capitalized case format.

Alternating case:

The alternating case tool easily converts any format of text into alternating case formatted text. It can transform your text between uppercase and lowercase. It will generate the first letter to a lowercase and then a capital, then other letter will be lowercase and follow the same on the word. Each words of a sentence will converted like this(alternative text between uppercase and lowercase).

You can add your text into the text box and press the alternating case button. It will change the text format into the alternating case format.

Title case:

The title case is a perfect tool to convert content like essays. This tool will convert every important word into a title case(all first letters of words will be uppercase, and the remaining letters will be lowercase). And it will convert words like “an”, “and”, “to”, etc.. into lowercase letters.

If you want to change your text to a title case, copy your text and paste it into the text box. It will convert your text format into title case format.

Inverse case:

The inverse case tool will help to convert any text format to inverse text format. It means the uppercase letter will converted into lowercase, and the lowercase letter will converted into uppercase. So the word of a sentence will converted like this(format change between uppercase and lowercase).

Copy your text and paste it into the above dialogue box. It will convert your text into inverse text case format.